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Slim-fit, tapered-leg jeans made from comfortable, stretchy organic denim. These jeans are made from 13.5 oz Turkish selvage denim with light diagonal twill lines, a light chunky warp yarn, and a deep, dark indigo shade. When wear exposes the denim to abrasion, it results in a flat surface with clear twill lines. On the other hand, non-scorched areas pucker up and leave a nice grainy salt and pepper surface. This contrast between surface structures is one of the greatest features of the fabric, as it will lead to wear marks with rich variation. Indigo will fade to a blue hue with a slight yellow-green tinge. Due to the dark indigo shade and structure of the denim, wear and tear will result in reflections on scuff marks that contrast with the deep dark indigo deposits.
As with all dry denim garments, we recommend that you do not wash them until you have used them daily for at least 6 months. Of course, this is just a recommendation. Washing them earlier and more often will also achieve great results, but be sure to do it by hand or use a delicate wash cycle. As long as you take care of your jeans, they will compensate you with a patina that could perfectly make them the best washed effect jeans you have ever owned.
Stretch and comfortable Turkish selvage denim in organic cotton from
13.5 oz
Orange thread in the other seams
Back pocket embroidered in navy blue
Antique silver-tone trim
Zip closure
Jacron patch
fit slim
Mid waist
Tapered leg
Narrow bass
99% Cotton / 1% Elastane
Made in Italy
179.90 €