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Precio Habitual: 120.00 €

Special Price 84.00 


Regular fit denim shorts made from 13.25 oz organic rigid denim. A classic 5 pocket cut short with a rolled hem. The washing has evenly abraded the surface, which might sound plain and boring. But thanks to the beautiful fabric with its open structure, clear twill lines and red tint, the result is far from it. The fabric features clean indigo tones ranging from medium blue to almost white. At the seams, ruching has created wonderful marbled effects with even higher contrasts, adding a lovely level of depth. Sometimes the simplest things give the best results. However, simplicity is not always simple. In this case, the balance between the fabric and the wash has played a vital role. It could be said that we have hit the nail on the head. But hey, that's our point of view. Now it's up to the eyes of the beholder, and we hope you like what you see.

Precio Habitual: 120.00 €

Special Price 84.00 €