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The 606® from Levi’s® Vintage Clothing is considered the first skinny jeans in history: it fits right at the hip and adjusts from the side to the ankle. Designed specifically for women, this super slim version stylizes and lengthens the figure, so you can comfortably follow your active lifestyle. It was first introduced in the late 1960s for a new generation of Levi’s stalwarts looking for slimmer, sleeker cuts without giving up anything else. This version of the mythical model recreates each and every one of the details of the original and has been made using the same manufacturing process. Like other orange tag models, the 606® is made with so-called Line 8 construction, a simpler, more efficient method that involves fewer steps. In collaboration with Cone Mills of North Carolina, a Levi's® supplier for over 100 years, we have used the same denim and the same shade of blue used in making the original pattern, weaving the fabric on the same looms. This jean is made following the same techniques and with the same characteristics that made it famous, such as the belt loops instead of the classic copper rivets, as well as the patch of the two horses with black ink instead of red. It has smooth, long pockets, sturdy single-colored thread stitching and our orange capital "E" label.

Precio Habitual: 190.00 €

Special Price 95.00 €