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The CWU 45 is the rightful successor to the MA-1. It was issued in the 1970s and designed for cold climate zones. CWU is short for Cold Weather Unit; consequently, the relaxed-fit jacket is lined with nylon to keep you warm and cozy. Well, as cozy as it gets in a U. S. Air Force fighter jet, anyway. This jacket is yet another testimony to Alpha Industries’ elaborate design and functionality. It is quite versatile: For one, it made Tom Cruise famous (not the other way around). Secondly, although it’s a winter jacket, it is surprisingly light while retaining the sturdiness that is to be expected of a military-grade garment. The CWU 45 features two front pockets in the chest area which are not designed for you to put your hands in. It will still look cool if you do it anyway, being a rebel and all. Of course, our iconic flight tag makes a return, because it’s just not the same without it. In addition, there’s a Velcro patch on the left chest with a removable Alpha Industries logo. There’s also a pencil bag on the left sleeve. You will need it, too, because people are going to confuse you with Mr. Cruise. And when they ask for your number, you’ll better have a pen ready.
200.00 €